CPO® Certification Blended Training

Don't have time or a 2 day class? The NSPF® CPO® Certification program is now available as a blended (Online course + 1 Day classroom) training program. Complete the online portion at your leisure, attend a 1 day class, and complete the CPO® Certification exam.

Student will be supplied an access code to Pool Operator Primer™. Successful completion of the Pool Operator Primer™ earns a Record of Completion. To receive CPO® Certification, student must attend the 2nd Day of scheduled class within six months of completing the Pool Operator Primer and sucessfully complete the CPO® Certification examination.

CPO® Certification Blended Training is an online course + one-day class offered by a certified NSPF® Instructor and is a convenient way to achieve the CPO® Certification. This one-day class will be second day of any two-day classroom certification course. Student must enroll to participate in class. Student must present valid government issue photo ID. Students must present an Online Pool Operator Primer™ Record of Completion and successfully complete the Pool Operator class & exam to obtain a CPO® Certification.

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CPO® Certification Blended Training

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